Tuesday, March 17, 2009

DF's Pics from CO CA 2009

The following photographs were taken with Col. DF's camera during the Bootstrap Bailout Tour of 2009 in Colorado and California.

Pictured therein:
The Sundown Saloon in Boulder, CO / Col. Jeff Chester / Sweet Narissa & Col. DF / Wild Turkey / The PI (Pioneer Inn) in Nederland, CO / The Caboose in Nederland, CO / Vine Street Pub in Denver, CO / The Monk's Kettle in San Francisco, CA / Nat and Xtian, owners of the the Monk's Kettle / Ryan, Micah, Col. DF / Julien / Shrine to Katie Couric's red thong at Books and Bookshelves in San Francisco / Proof that Sunnylyn is from another dimension and only photographs as a blur of energy / Evidence of Micah and Col. DF's gang affiliation / another brother from another mother, Patrick / Big Bell's Jason / Dunns and Roses / Magickal Mardi Gras Cape / Micah and Col. DF passing spirits

Soundtrack written by Hank Performed by THE THE

Thank you friends and family, we saw the light you shined...