Tuesday, September 18, 2007

9/29 Tom Morgan & Ed Barrett

reading starts at 6:00. come early for a drink at the bar if you want. readings occasionally start on time.

This is Ed Barrett the fisherman, not Ed Barrett the poet.
Ed Barrett the poet is the author of Kevin White.
I don't know if he, Ed Barrett the poet, is a fisherman.
Ed Barrett the poet is really fantastic. This is what
Ron says about Kevin. There is also a picture of Ed
Barrett the poet here who is standing next to Bill.

Tom Morgan is the author of:

ON/GOING : a collection of poems, sketches, and writings from a notebook between 2002-2005. During this time, Tom Morgan traveled extensively across the United States, back and forth across the U.S. / Mexican border, and abroad to Thailand and India. These writings embrace a tradition of sketch-writing in daily practice, riff of Buddhist koans, race across the universe with Beat babble flow embracing everything. Tom Morgan's poems move under the moon-which Kerouac has noticed is "a piece of tea -- (Under the empty blue sky, vertebrate zoology.)"-with the grace and rhythm of panacea separating. They carve into the sluice of eternity and bump through America's landscape, shuffle abroad, over mountains, rivers, and geological shifts; they whip through highways under strata; flora dots the page like punctuation, like litter, like human life under immensity, like the quick wit and smile of a girl you should marry-all things the mind could muddle or notice with clarity and care.