Monday, January 21, 2008

2 non-traditional Thangka Paintings by Ryan Gallagher

Buddha with Tigse

Maitreya in a Thought Bubble

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Recommended: They are Flying Planes & The Shock Doctrine

They are Flying Planes 1, Winter 2007 / 2008

Editors: Nora Almeida, Kate Jaeger, Joe Robitaille, Will Sanders

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Here's what Lisa Jarnot thinks:

We'll start with flying planes. Joe, Kate, Nora, and Will (that's Robitaille, Jaeger, Almeida, and Sanders) have just published the first issue of their new magazine They Are Flying Planes. It's a beautiful production, based in form partly on the good old Angel Hair magazine edited by the Warsh/Waldman team, with a little bit of J or Open Space from that good old San Francisco Spicer scene. This is even a little bit more ambitious than Angel Hair in that you will find ephemera popping out of the pages as you open the issue up.

Writers and artists contributing to issue one include the editors, L. S. Asekoff, Andrew Hughes, Whit Griffin, Evan Kennedy, Sara Wintz, Ryan Gallagher, Derek Fenner, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Sean Mullin, LJ of Lisablog, Clint Krute, Scott Gallagher, Clark Jaeger, Matt Reeck, Andrew Bourne, Vincent Zompa, Carol Ann Davis, and Mary Millsap.

Let me say right now that the fluidity of this magazine and the attention to coterie poetics (in the best sense of coterie— as in the Round Table and its Knights) is amazing. There are a bunch of fabulous (and some very young) writers gathered here. Did we mention that it comes with a CD of poets and musicians and that there was an awful lot of hand sewing that went into this project? Did we mention that it's already a collectors item? (200 copies were made). Here's how you can get ahold of the good editors of They Are Flying Planes: 570 45th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11220. Three cheers for Joe, Kate, Nora, and Will. It's not a magazine; it's a movement.

We agree. Write them asap.

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Also, before you vote or before you have another political thought, please read this book by Naomi Klein. Though her other books are fabulous, this may be the smartest book ever. Then watch all her video clips on youtube.

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine